Air Sterlizer

Frequently Asked Questions

Ultraviolet radiation has three bands (A,B & C) at a wavelength between 100 and 400 nanometers. The most effective wavelength for destroying germs is between 250 and 260 nanometers in the heart of the UV-C band.

The germicidal properties of UV-C radiation have been known for over 100 years, and UV-C is widely used in water purification, food processing, and in healthcare settings.

Extensive research is ongoing, measuring its effectiveness against viruses, bacteria and mold. The length of time and intensity required to “kill” the germ is known as a “dose” and is measured in Joules per square meter. The dose varies with the germ. For instance, an anthrax spore has an outer shell which makes it less vulnerable than the influenza virus which doesn’t even have a cell wall. The medium – air, surface or water – and other conditions such as humidity also effect the dose.

UVC energy is produced by the sun but almost all of it is absorbed by the earth’s ozone layer. When common pathogens are exposed to UVC, their DNA is altered, rendering them harmless.

However, this type of energy can be artificially generated by ordinary fluorescent lamp technology. In lighting, the glass and phosphors of fluorescent bulbs totally absorb the UVC wavelength.

With the Code Blue air sterilizer, the enclosure is clear quartz, not glass; it contains no phosphor and the quartz is designed to transmit the passage of the UVC wavelength.

UVA and UVB are present in sunlight and can be carcinogenic. However, UVC energy does not penetrate the outer layer of the skin. While it is not known to be carcinogenic, it can cause reddening of the skin (erythema) and photokeratitis, a painful eye irritation also known as “welder’s flash.”

The CodeBlue product absorbs ultraviolet energy so that the amount of UVC “leaking” into the space is infinitesimal and well below any safety threshold established by OSHA or other regulatory agencies.

Most experts agree that aerosolized Covid 19 cells could be destroyed at a rate similar to aerosolized influenza, tuberculosis or measles. However, the actual novel corona virus-SARS Covid 19-has not been tested with respect to UVC irradiation.

Yes, the energy from the 9W UVC emitter is contained within the CodeBlue housing so there is no harmful exposure to the skin or eyes.

NOTE: There are now UV “wands” and light bulbs that use unshielded UVC energy. We have observed that the benefits, if any, of such products are negligible and exposure of the eyes and skin to UVC is CAN EASILY OCCUR from the unshielded light source.

No, since all of the UVC energy is contained within the housing of the product, air is drawn into the unit where it is “zapped” with enough UVC energy to destroy 95%+ of aerosolized viruses and bacteria. Then the sterilized air expelled is directed toward your face and breathing area. Since no UVC escapes the housing, it has no effect on surfaces. Moreover, surface cleaners and wipes using alcohol or other chemicals are much more practical ways to eliminate germs on surfaces.

Yes. However, while that roomful of air would be processed in under 2 hours, the Code Blue is intended to funnel sterilized air into your breathing space. Air constantly is pushed to that space and THEN beyond. The purpose of this product is to create a protective “bubble” of air outward from your personal space.

First, there is a reason we have been told we should wear masks during this pandemic. person-to-person airborne transmission seems to be the primary method of infection. It would be counter intuitive to NOT wear a mask because there is an air filter in your basement.

With aerosolized particles, CodeBlue’s purpose is to interrupt person to person transmission where it happens and as it happens, not hoping that germs travel to the basement to be killed by a remote source of UVC.

Finally, in most residential HVAC systems the UVC bulb(s) used are far too weak for the massive amount of airflow. There is simply not enough UVC intensity for the period of time required to destroy harmful pathogens.

Our founders have been developing and manufacturing UVC products for over 20 years. We made and marketed the first generation of these products in 2003. There have now been thousands of those devices sold (without a pandemic). Today’s CodeBlue product is an improved version of that concept and meant to significantly reduce the concentration of germs in your breathing space.

Our training on UVC technology took place over many years of work with scientists, public health authorities and physicians at Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard Medical school and hospitals including Mt. Sinai and St. Vincent’s in Manhattan. Because of this collaboration, we have developed and patented breakthrough air sterilizing products including ceiling fan accessories and UVC devices that decontaminate and anti-oxidize fresh produce.

We pride ourselves on the ability to enable the effective use of lighting technologies for the BENEFIT of the consumer.

No. Using the CodeBlue air sterilizer will not guarantee protection from any virus. With airborne transmission. a certain level of germ concentration could cause infection based on a range of factors.The CodeBlue air sterilizer should reduce the concentration of germs in one’s personal breathing space by directing sterilized air to that area. This device is most useful in destroying tiny germ particles (<.3 microns) which can bypass most masks. These tiny particles can remain suspended in air for a long period of time (i.e., several hours). The CodeBlue air sterilizer provides an added layer of protection, an additional line of defense,,but not a complete barrier.